The THEATRE COLLECTION was founded in 2009.

TC is the sequel of the highly acclaimed ‘ART-VIC’(Anglo-Russian Theatre - 1996) and ‘Act Provocateur Int.’ - 2001. With a history spanning 25 years.

During this period our companies have produced over 300 productions which gained great interest and awards from both audiences and Press all over the world.

We have performed at 12 Edinburgh Fringe Festivals and in various National and International festivals in the USA, Africa, Europe, and Russia.

TC will continue to justify its name presenting to the audience a collection of very different styles: from medieval farce to experimental theatre,  from classic to modern International drama and new writing.

London’s Fringe Awards  ‘Outstanding Achievement (2011) (click to see the ceremony)

Artistic Director - VICTOR SOBCHAK ("Directing machine!" - TIME OUT)

Since 1981 Victor Sobchak’s Theatre Companies (‘Studio 80’, ‘Victor Sobchak’s Experimental Theatre’, ‘Anglo-Russian Theatre ART-VIC’, ‘Actprovocateur Int.’ And ‘Theatre Collection’) took part in over 40 festivals all over the world.

1981 – ‘Music and Religion’ by Sobchak (Russian National Festival of Youth Theatres)

1984 – ‘World in your hands’ by  Sobchak (Russian Festival of Visual Art)

1987 – ‘Life itself’ after Eluard (All Union Mime Festival – Russia)

1988 – ‘First Love’ after Beckett (All Union Mime Festival - Russia)

1989 – ‘First Love’ after Beckett (International Mime Festival – Russia)

1990 – ‘Orchestra Rehearsal’ after Fellini (National Mime Festival – Russia)

1991 – ‘Komediants’ mime sketches (International Mime Festival – Moscow)

1991 – ‘Morphine’ after Bulgakov (Bulgakov’s Festival in Kiev – Ukraine)

1992 – ‘Russian Tomfoolery’ by Chekhov, ‘First Love’ after Beckett, ‘Bluebeard’ after Frisch (Edinburgh Fringe)

1993 – ‘First Love’ after Beckett (National ARTS Festival – South Africa, Grahamstown)

1993 – ‘First Love’ after Beckett, ‘The Chosen One’ by Sobchak (Edinburgh Fringe)

1994 – ‘First Love’ after Beckett (Orlando International Fringe – USA)

1994 – ‘First Love’ after Beckett (Minneapolis Fringe)

1996 – ‘Life with an Idiot’ by Erofeev (Edinburgh Fringe)

1997 – ‘The Plummeting Old Women’ after Kharms, ‘Evil of Tobacco’ by Chekhov, Beckett, Nabokov, Ishiguro, Flanagan, ‘Godot is coming’ by Sobchak (Edinburgh Fringe)

1997 – ‘The Plummeting Old Women’ after Kharms (Windsor Fringe)

1998 ‘The Witch’ by Chekhov (Russian Week – Paris, France)

1998 – ‘Evil of Tobacco’ by Chekhov, Beckett, Nabokov, Ishiguro, Flanagan (Brighton Fringe)

1998 – ‘Red Magic’ by Ghelderode (Ghelderode’s Festival – Brussels, Belgium)

1999 – ‘The Hidden Sense of Hamlet’ by Shakespeare,   ‘Madman’s Diary’ by Gogol (Edinburgh Fringe)  

2000 – ‘Accidents’ after Kharms (Tsurso International Festival – Scotland)

2000 – ‘First Love’ after Beckett, ‘Darkness’ by Andreev, ‘Queen of Spades’ after Pushkin, ‘Lolita’ after Nabokov (Edinburgh Fringe)

2001 – ‘Fucking Asylum Seekers’ by Sobchak, ‘First Love’ after Beckett (Edinburgh Fringe)

2002 –‘First Love’ after Beckett, ‘The Witch’ by Chekhov (Edinburgh Fringe)

2003 –  ‘Lolita after Nabokov, ‘Spider in the Coffin by Sobchak (National ARTS Festival – South Africa, Grahamstown)

2004 – ‘K-Pax’ by Brewer, ‘I Can Cry’ by Miri ben Sholom, ‘No Exit’ by Sartre,  ‘Lolita’ by Nabokov, ‘Madman’s Diary’ by Gogol (Edinburgh Fringe)

2005 – ‘Fucking Asylum Seekers’ by Sobchak, ‘Miss Julie by Strindberg, ‘Lilith’ by Sobchak & McQuade, ‘No Exit’ by Sartre, ‘Madman’s Diary’ by Gogol, ‘Evil of Tobacco’ by Chekhov, ‘Russian Beauty’ by Sobchak, ‘Orgasmic Revenge’ by Fo & Rame, ‘Swansong by Chekhov, ‘Valentine’s Day by McQuade – (Edinburgh Fringe)

2005 – ‘Miss Julie’ by Strindberg (Kosovo International Festival)

2005 – ‘Russian Beauty’ by Sobchak  (Russian Week – Antwerp, Belgium)

2006 – ‘Russian Beauty’ by Sobchak (Russian Week – Gent, Belgium)

2006 – ‘Crime and Punishment' by Dostoevsky, ‘Pigeon Man Apocalypse’ by Whitehurst, ‘American Football by Whitehurst, ‘Dostoevsky’s Diva’ by Radzinski, ‘Lolita by Nabokov, ‘The Seagull’ by Chekhov, ‘No Exit’ by Sartre (Edinburgh Fringe)

2007 –‘First Love’ after Beckett (Prague Fringe Festivals)

2008 – ‘No Exit’ by Sartre (Prague Fringe)

2008 - ‘No Exit’ by Sartre (Budapest Fringe)

2009 – ‘Madman’s Diary’ by Gogol, ‘Dostoevsky’s Diva’ by Radzinsky, ‘Queen of Spades’ by Pushkin (Marbella’s Festival, Spain)